Murder, Organized & Violent Crime

Richmond Murder, Organized & Violent Crime Attorney

Jacqueline Reiner has prosecuted and defended every level of crime from misdemeanor domestic assaults to state and federal capital murder. Prior to the abolition of the death penalty in Virginia, Ms. Reiner was one of few Virginia attorneys certified by the Indigent Defense Commission to appear as lead counsel in capital murder cases. She is known for securing wins on behalf of clients charged with violent crimes such rape, robbery, murder, gang related offenses, and everything in between. Jacqueline Reiner is known in the legal community for crafting technical defenses, her precision in cross-examinations, and exposing sloppy investigations and lying cooperators. She regularly defends firearm offenses, aggravated sexual and physical assaults, child pornography, RICO and gang related cases, and other mandatory sentencing offenses to verdict.

In recent years, Jacqueline Reiner has obtained favorable results in a number of high-profile federal offenses to include extortion; bank, wire and mail fraud; misappropriation of government funding; gang and organized crime (RICO) conspiracies, involving narcotics, firearms and explosive devices, and murder.

Jacqueline Reiner is known for her aggressive defense even at the investigation stage. Should you receive a federal or state target letter or grand jury subpoena – Jacqueline Reiner is well experienced in negotiating favorable resolutions pre indictment and self-surrenders. If your case goes to trial – Jacqueline Reiner is at home in every courtroom in the Commonwealth and promises you a powerful and personalized defense from day one.