Standing Up For Virginia’s Law Enforcement Officers

Last updated on October 18, 2023

Law enforcement officers (“LEO”) are often held to higher standards than others. LEOs charged with criminal and civil liberty offenses in the state and federal courts need an attorney skilled and passionate about their defense.

As a former prosecutor and exceptionally experienced defense attorney, Jacqueline Reiner understands the nuances required to protect LEOs and their families. As an advocate for law enforcement, she is skilled in peeling back the politics and propaganda to ensure LEOs receive a fair trial through aggressive and unyielding representation.

A Former Prosecutor Who Understands Law Enforcement

Jacqueline Reiner has spent her entire career prosecuting and defending criminal cases in Virginia’s state and federal courts and developing relationships with the various players and courthouse personnel. Ms. Reiner is known for her deep insight into the roles of LEOs in our community and public perception and politics. Ms. Reiner applies her knowledge as to the psychology and physiology of policing in order to create the most powerful fact specific and scientific defense for law enforcement agents and officers. LEOs require experienced representation by counsel respected for both her talent in the courtroom as well as her commitment to her clients.

Discretion – Speed – Resolution

Ms. Reiner values the discretion, privacy, and protection law enforcement officers and their families require during a criminal or civil rights prosecution. She will keep your case moving forward and work tirelessly to reach a resolution to keep your reputation, badge, and retirement in place.

Work With A Lawyer To Stand Up For Your Rights

Do not sacrifice your career, reputation, retirement and future because of an allegation of a criminal law or civil liberties violation. Work with Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, to start a strong defense. To speak with Ms. Reiner, schedule an initial consultation today. To reach her Richmond office, call 804-548-4457 (toll-free) or send her an email.