Virginia Attorney Representing Defendants In Drunk Driving Cases And Traffic Offenses

A DUI or DWI arrest is much more than a traffic offense, but a large part of the case has to do with a driver’s status with Virginia’s Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you have been charged with drunk driving, and refused to submit to the breath test, you may lose your driver’s license for up to 12 months. The other large part of the case is the criminal aspect, meaning you may spend time in jail.

Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, in Richmond, vigorously represents people of all ages who have been charged with driving or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol (DUI). DUI defense is a very technical area of the law that also touches people’s lives very personally. An attorney with extensive experience in the law in the Richmond area, Jacqueline M. Reiner has a strong track record of successful case outcomes.

Traffic offenses other than DUI charges can also be very serious in Virginia. A traffic ticket sounds like a minor matter, but in fact, going 20 miles an hour over the speed limit in this state can send a Virginia resident or visitor to jail for one year and result in a fine of $2,500. Speeding charges are common on major highways in this area, including I-95, I-64, I-85 and I-295. This law firm can represent out-of-state drivers efficiently in local traffic courts.

Clients of Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, receive clear explanations and personalized education through all phases of their cases. When they must make decisions that can affect their future, they are well-prepared to do that with understanding and confidence.

For A Strong Defense After Receiving A Traffic Ticket Or Being Charged With DUI

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