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Federal Defense From A Former Prosecutor

The federal government takes extensive measures when it comes to crime. Whether you believe you are under suspicion for a federal offense or the authorities have already charged you with one, there is likely already evidence against you. It is imperative to hire a lawyer who can stand up for your rights aggressively.

Richmond-based attorney (NAP name) has defended numerous clients against federal criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, she understands the different nuances between state and federal crimes and how to mount a strong defense. When you work with Ms. Reiner, you can rely on an ally who fights tirelessly for a favorable outcome.

State Vs. Federal Charges: What Is The Difference?

Jurisdiction is the biggest factor in state-level offenses and federal-level offenses. Local police departments investigate crimes that violate state laws. Then, the district attorney’s office brings charges against the defendant in a state court. However, when a defendant is accused of breaking a federal law, a federal agency like the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the Drug Enforcement Agency handles the investigation. Then, the U.S. Attorney’s office prosecutes the case in federal court.

Take Back Control And Feel Reassured

Facing a federal charge can feel terrifying. You worry for your own future as well as those of your loved ones. Fortunately, Ms. Reiner has handled a vast spectrum of federal charges on her clients’ behalf. As a result, she has established a reputation among many federal judges for being honorable, proficient and compassionate. If you feel that your life is spinning out of control, you can work with her to get a handle on it once again.

Start Your Defense Now

In criminal cases, you do not always have much time. The sooner you act, the sooner Ms. Reiner can begin your defense. To schedule an initial consultation about federal criminal defense, call (NAP name) at (NAP number) or send an email.


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