Federal Defense From A Former Prosecutor

The federal government has every opportunity to endlessly investigate and outspend you in prosecuting a violation of the criminal code. Whether you have received a subpoena, subject or target letter, or you are have already been charged by way of an Information or Indictment – You need a strong minded strategic attorney to stand between you and the government.

Jacqueline Reiner’s extensive experience and success is well-known throughout Virginia state and federal courts. Her clients can rely on her preparedness and advocacy skills. When you need thoughtful and thorough representation and an advocate wholly dedicated to your cause – You call the same lawyer the cops, clerks, and courts call upon to defend the most serious and sophisticated cases – Jacqueline Reiner.

State V. Federal Charges: What Is The Difference?

Criminal offenses often involve alleged violations of both the state and federal criminal codes. Typically, one forum will defer to the other with the higher penalties. Local and federal law enforcement agencies (such as the ATF, DEA, DHS, FBI, SS, USMS, and USPS) and prosecutors commonly collaborate in investigations and prosecutions.

Federal laws tend to encompass broader conduct and involve stiffer penalties and significant mandatory minimum sentences. In absolutely no event under any circumstance should you meet with a prosecutor or investigator on your own. Whether you have received a Grand Jury subpoena, target or subject letter, or have already been charged; hire counsel fluent in both state and federal criminal law for your best results.

Take Back Control

Facing a federal prosecution is life changing. Everything is at stake as you and your loved ones futures are on the line. When the federal government comes to your door, they are far ahead of you in terms of their investigation, resources and uncompromising prosecutions. Furthermore, you will likely have a trial date within 70 days of arraignment. The most effective defense will require both your and your attorney’s unfettered attention and immersion into your defense.

Jacqueline Reiner is recognized in the federal courts as both a proficient and strategic litigator. Her credibility in the federal courts arises from not only her superior advocacy; but also the honor, compassion, and respect she commands from juries and demands for her clients. When it feels like the federal government has taken control of your life; Jacqueline Reiner will even the playing field.

Start Your Defense Now

The federal government regularly has months if not years to prepare its case against you. Time may not be on your side, but Jacqueline Reiner will always stand tall between you and the government to even the odds. When time is of the essence , call Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, at 804-548-4457 or send an email to schedule your consultation.