When High School And College Students Get In Trouble With The Law

Representation of students and young adults in criminal cases is almost always a family affair. Parents or guardians of teenage and young adult clients of Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, have a seat at the table from the beginning. With years of experience in law practice, lawyer Jacqueline M. Reiner takes great interest in the people served by the firm, including parents of accused high school and college students.

Seeing a family go from dismayed and worried to relieved and grateful is rewarding every time. Helping a young person start afresh after a brush with the law is a true service to society.

For Young People Accused Of Petit Larceny, Possession Of Marijuana, Underage Drinking, And Other Crimes

High school students and younger students sometimes get stung with accusations of offenses such as vandalism, possession of alcohol under age 21, underage drinking and disorderly conduct. A top priority in defending juveniles and young adults is to keep an episode of bad judgment from having a lifelong impact.

Juveniles deserve a second chance. Offering hope of preservation or restoration of a clean record is what the student criminal defense law practice of Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, is all about. The law firm represents students from all Richmond-area schools including:

  • St. Catherine’s
  • St. Christopher’s
  • Collegiate
  • St. Gertrude’s
  • Benedictine

For College Students With Much At Stake

College students, often away from home for the first time and extra-vulnerable to social pressures, tend to get into trouble in groups. At the college and university level, clients of Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, have a strong need to keep their criminal records clean. A criminal conviction sometimes puts students at risk of being expelled from schools such as:

  • The University of Richmond
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Virginia Union University
  • Virginia State University
  • The College of William & Mary
  • Randolph Macon College
  • J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College
  • John Tyler Community College

Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, brings a remarkable combination of empathy and determination to the challenge of representing juveniles and young adults and their families charged with crimes in the Richmond area and beyond. Preserving a young person’s prospects for a successful future is the firm’s mission in its criminal defense practice.

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