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Sweeping generalizations do not work for analyzing and describing the criminal defense practice of Jacqueline M. Reiner, PLLC, in Richmond. Every client, every case and every defense strategy is unique, tailored to the individual. Getting a case resolved through this law firm’s representation begins with thorough, frank dialog between a client and Virginia attorney Jacqueline M. Reiner. Together, they devise effective strategies for defense. Clients are closely involved in decision-making that will affect their own futures.

Topics discussed during initial consultations at this law firm often include exploration of the evidence, expectations and prospects of reasonable outcomes, and the range of punishment and future consequences. Ms. Reiner handles state and federal charges such as:

Jacqueline M. Reiner has a well-deserved reputation for delivering the highest caliber of criminal defense for her clients, whether they are a child, adult or even in law enforcement themselves. As a former prosecutor, Ms. Reiner readily spots defective evidence and holes in the government’s case against you. With years of criminal litigation experience on both sides of the aisle, Ms. Reiner is well-versed in criminal law and procedure and petitioning courts to suppress and discard evidence and statements obtained by the police and prosecutors in violation of your rights.


The firm also prosecutes expungements. When you are charged with a crime and it is dismissed, it nonetheless remains on your record. This can hamper you in the pursuit of your educational, professional and other goals. Ms. Reiner can assist you in keeping your record clean.

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